After having your breakfast at the hotel, you are going to be meeting with your guide at the reception and then your unforgettable day in Istanbul starts!
Istanbul (Constantinople) ;Istanbul is the only city in the world that situated on two continents: Asia and Europe divided by Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul, capital city of three successive empires such as Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires with over 2,000 years of history as its location being on crossroads of Europe and Asia…
So in Istanbul you may feel the great mixture of oriental life and European life nested together with different cultures all around you. Enjoy the harmony of those cultures, people and listen to the sound in Istanbul calling you…
Istanbul Archaeological Museum ; Anatolia,Turkey has a very rich history because of its transcontinental location which housed to many civilizations through the centuries so a huge historic treasure waits for you in the corridors of the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul..Be ready to have journey to Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Eras.
Istanbul Archaeology Museum; Istanbul Archaeology Museum was awarded “Museum of The Year” by the European Council.
It was established as the first Turkish Museum in 1891 with the artifacts from Sidon, present-day Lebanon, by Osman Hamdi Bey. There are three different museums under the same administration: The Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum and Tiled Kiosk Museum.
Currently, on the ground floor of the Archaeological Museum, sculptures from the Ancient Age from the Archaic Era to the Roman Era may be seen on the right side, and world wide famous unique artifacts such as the Alexander Sarcophagus, the Sarcophagus of Crying Women and the Sarcophagus of Tabnit that came from the Royal Necropolis in Sidon on the left side. On the upper floor of the two-store building, there are the Treasury section, the Non-Islamic and Islamic Coin Cabinets and the Library.
The “Surrounding Cultures of Istanbul” section, which was opened in the cellar of the new building in 1998, is a hall where artifacts from various ages found during excavations at the surrounding archaeological sites and tumuli. It has sub-sections of “Thrace-Bithynia and Byzantium”. The ground floor of the new building hosts the “Children’s Museum” exhibition.
The “Istanbul Through the Ages” collection is exhibited on the first floor of the new building, the “Anatolia and Troy Through the Ages” collection on the second floor and the “Surrounding Cultures of Anatolia: Artifacts from Syria, Palestine and Cyprus” collection on the third floor, in chronological order.
The collections of the Ancient Orient Museum consists of artifacts from pre-Greek Anatolia and Mesopotamia and from pre-Islamic Egypt and Arabian Peninsula. Most of these artifacts were found during archaeological excavations carried out between late 19th century and the World War I, and brought to İstanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, then the ruler of those countries.
The Ancient Orient Museum consists of the sections of Pre-Islamic Arabian Art, Egypt Collection, Mesopotamia Collection, Anatolia Collection, Urartu Collection and Cuneiform Documents, arranged according to regions; the cultures of the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Anatolia have been presented in historical order.
Besides the unique artifacts such as the stele of the Akkadian King Naram-Suen, the Treaty of Kadesh and the Ishtar Gate, the Tablet Archive containing 75,000 cuneiform documents are housed in this museum.
The collections of the Tiled Kiosk Museum consist of about 2000 artifacts belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman eras, dating from the 11th-20th centuries. These artifacts include those that existed when the museum was incorporated into the İstanbul Archaeological Museums due to its closeness and those acquired through excavations, purchases, donations and confiscations.
In the Tiled Kiosk Museum, tiles and pottery chosen from these collections are exhibited: There are artifacts from the Seljuk era in the room left to the entrance, slip casted artifacts from Miletus in the iwan on the left that is opening to outside, artifacts made in İznik in the middle gallery and in the room with five corners, artifacts made in Kütahya in the room at the right corner facing the Gülhane Park, and artifacts made in Canakkale in the right iwan opening to outside.
Hagia Sophia will be your next visit..This mysterious place used to be a church built by emperor Justinian then converted into a mosque and today as a museum attracts a lot of attention by all the visitors..did you know that Hagia Sophia also mentions in the novel of Dan Brown called Inferno?
You are going to have a bit taste of both the Christian and Islamic effects at this impressive atmosphere…
Grand Bazaar, time for shopping for a while in one of the best shopping malls ever ! The world famous covered bazaar “The Grand Bazaar” (Kapalıçarsı) is, owing to its architecture, history, location, and sheer variety of merchandise, one of İstanbul’s most significant tourist sites. The Bazaar has eight different entrances, each of them facing one of the city’s most important historic monuments and there are more than 5000 shops located whether it be jewelers,antiques,carpets,copper or leather goods.. Built at the command of Sultan Mehmed the, Conqueror in 1461, the Bazaar initially consisted of just two warehouses (bedesten). In time, merchants began to set up their own stalls and workshops in the surrounding area. Dignitaries furthered the expansion with the addition of numerous caravanserais, so that soon the place had become a focus for trading goods from all over the empire.
You can find anything that you look for, even for yourselves even for your friends and relatives who waits some gifts from Turkey..! An important tip for you ; “do not forget to bargain !”. Part of the Turkish culture is “negotiation” which are not always very big amounts that we talk for discount but still remember that you are in the big city and Grand Bazaar is a tourist attraction more…
After the visit of Grand Bazaar, coming the end of an unforgettable day so you are going to be transferred back to your hotel.

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Places to Visit

  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum,
  • Hagia Sophia,
  • Grand Bazaar.