From a big city life with big buildings and skyscraper take a journey now to the breathtaking underground cities…
Goreme national park and the rock site of Cappadocia was added on the World Heritage List in 1985 as “mixed category”. Cappadocia history reach the paleolithic era. Since that, Cappadocian people carved their home, churches, castle and even underground cities.
Cappadocia is a dreamy slice of central Turkey wrapped with ‘fairy chimneys’ (rock formations), has a big history every bit as remarkable as its landscape. The history in Cappadocia reaches as early as the Paleolithic era.
Volcanic eruptions created this surreal moonscape. The lava flows formed tuff rock, which wind and rain sculpted into sinuous valleys with curvy cliff faces and pointy fairy chimneys.
The area’s most extraordinary phase was during the medieval era, when the valleys became a refuge for Byzantine Christians. The religious troglodytes established monastic settlements as well as their cave churches add a biblical solemnity to the Flintstones-like region. The Goreme Open-Air Museum, a World Heritage site, has the best collection of chapels and living quarters, most dating to around the 11th century.
To join this tour, you are going to be picked up from your hotel early in the morning and be transferred to Istanbul airport by our agency.
After having 1 hour and 25 minutes easy flight from Istanbul to Nevsehir airport, you meet with your private tour guide who will be waiting for you with a sign that your name written on. After half an hour driving with your guide and private driver, you reach to Cappadocia/Goreme as you are going to easily realize when you start driving by the amazing natural formations dotted all around you… Your magical experience through a natural beauty and history starts…
First of all you drive through Esentepe, followed by a visit to Uchisar Castle. Next visit will be Goreme Open air museum and Ortahisar castle. Afterwards, we visit the Pasabag Fairy Chimneys, and continue to Devrent Valley.
Uchisar Castle; Uchisar is situated at the highest point in Cappadocia, on the Nevsehir-Goreme road, which is 5 km from Goreme. This tall volcanic-rock outcrop is one of Cappadocia’s most prominent landmarks. Riddled with tunnels, it was used for centuries by villagers as a place of refuge when enemy armies overtook the surrounding plains. The top of the Uchisar Castle, provides a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding area with Mount Erciyes in the distance.
Goreme Openair Museum; Your first visit is going to be to Goreme Open Air Museum. Looks like a large monastic complex composed of scores of refectory monasteries placed side-by-side. There are eleven refectories within the Museum, with rock-cut churches tables and benches where you may use your imagination much easily after seeing those… Each is associated with a church. Most of the churches in Goreme Open Air Museum belong to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries.
Ortahisar Castle;
Pasabag Fairy Chimneys; Pasabag Valley which was formerly known as “The Monks Valley” is located on the right of the Goreme-Avanos road. This area which is full of peculiar fairy chimneys looks remarkable.
Devrent Valley; which is also known as Imaginary Valley and also as Pink Valley does not have cave churches like the other valleys of Cappadocia. Reveals many different rock formations and is only a 10 minute drive from Goreme. The small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape, or moonscape, by their strange look. The valley also has many animal shaped rocks.
The details of the tour program;

    • 05:00 You will be picked up from your hotel in Istanbul and transferred to airport.
    • 07:00 flight from Istanbul to Kayseri or Nevsehir airport.
    • 08:15 Arrival to airport, transfer to Cappadocia and continue for the tour.

The tour ends around 16:30 /17:00, We will then drive back to airport for flight to Istanbul.

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